An Unexpected Journey


General Anesthesia Please! March 29, 2012

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I had been trying to decide for quite some time (nearly 2 years) if I was going to have my mediport removed.  Dr. H, my medical oncologist, helped me make the decision at my last visit.  It’s coming out.

Now to face a new unknown…again.  As cancer survivors we are familiar with this feeling.  Since I hadn’t heard of anyone’s experience having their port removed I just made my own assumptions.  I imagined going for outpatient surgery like my previous D&C.  Dr. H’s office had scheduled the appointment so I wasn’t sure if it was for an office visit or surgery.

I called the surgeon’s office and they told me I would have an office visit first.  I am taken into a patient room in the doctor’s office and the nurse asks me to sign the consent form before we head into the procedure room.  What???  I am taken off guard and blurt out “What do you mean procedure room?”  She probably thought I was nuts.  I apoligized and explained my confusion.  It turns out that they can remove the port in the procedure room with a local.  So I agree to get it over with.

Anyone who has read my posts, knows what a chicken I am.   I remind myself that God gives us not the spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind.  And to fear not, but have faith.  The procedure went fine, but it was quite ….different.  After he made the incision and starting working in there I felt my face going white as a sheet.  It wasn’t from pain.  I had been numbed.  It was just the thought of it all.  Eww…I should have opted for anesthesia.

It seemed like it took forever.  He had trouble getting it free.  I wanted him to stop tugging around in there.   Did you know surgeons are rough?  He showed me the purple port after he removed it.  Funny how I imagined it clear.

Now that my port is gone, the only physical evidence of my battle is the missing breast and the radiation scaring.  People may not always recognize survivors, but our lives are forever changed.

Love and blessings to you all.