An Unexpected Journey


10 Years! June 28, 2019


Hello friends.  I’m popping in to share my 10 year survival anniversary.   As always when I post, I am thinking of those men and women who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer and more specifically, Inflammatory Breast Cancer.   Looking at the percentage of survival rate can be discouraging.  I want to give those who are new in their journey some encouragement by sharing my survival.  Please, don’t lose hope.

I have had chemotherapy, a mastectomy, radiation, Herceptin and still taking Tamoxifen.  However, that is not where my hope lies.  I’m thankful for the excellent doctors and medicine, but my hope is in Christ.  Treatments and statistics change.  God does not.   Isn’t that wonderful?  I give God the glory for my healing.

If you have just been diagnosed with breast cancer, know that you are not alone.   I encourage you to connect with a breast cancer survivor.  There’s a special sense of family and connection that is difficult to explain.  A quiet support, love and understanding of what you are going through.  There are many blogs of BCS on WordPress to follow and enjoy.  I know it helps me.

Love and prayers to all.


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