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Free to Celebrate January 11, 2012

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Yes, it’s still me.  I have just changed my blog theme today.  (I was using Twenty-One and changed to Rounded)  Hope you like it.  I was in the mood to add more color and style.

This week is the three-year anniversary of my breast cancer diagnosis.  Why would I want to remember such a horrible event?  It’s not that I’m trying to hang on to the diagnosis.  It’s that I am celebrating each year that I live past it.  Each day is a blessing from God.

My first anniversary was not so pleasant.  I actually dreaded the coming of it.  I wanted to forget about cancer, chemo, radiation, surgery, tests and the stuff in between.  Just pretend it never happened.  Memories from my diagnosis rushed back every time I thought about my birthday (as I mentioned in an early post, I was diagnosed 2 days after my 40th birthday).  My wonderful hubby had a birthday/survival celebration for me even though I kindly protested.  So I sucked it up and went.  It turned out to be a great opportunity for me to thank some of the friends and family who were so supportive and loving during my treatment.  For some I did’t have enough words to thank properly.  They shuttled me to treatments and doctor appointments.  While I was out of town they picked up my son from school and kept him overnight.  When I complained they listened.  And most of all, they lifted me before the throne of God in prayer.

I’m relieved that this year is much better.  I am able to celebrate God’s merciful healing with joy.  Getting to this point in my journey feels good…..really good.


6 Responses to “Free to Celebrate”

  1. Janette Says:

    Congratulations. You have a wonderful outlook on life, and that deserves celebrating too!

  2. Thanks so much Janette.

  3. joyfulwise Says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Congrats & Happy Birthday! Wishing you continued health and happiness in 2012.

  4. Carina Says:

    Good for you. It is a cause for celebration. Like you, I got diagnosed at age 40 too. I am just starting my journey. I hope in 3 yrs, when I turn 43, I get to celebrate too. God bless.

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