An Unexpected Journey


The End of Christmas Break January 3, 2012

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Yesterday was the last day of my son’s Christmas break.  It was wonderful having him at home.  Now that he is older (11), he can easily play card games and board games with my husband and I.  Rummikub is one of our favorites.  As we talked, laughed and played I was highly aware that this is what makes life special…sharing time with those you love.  All the Christmas gifts are great, but what my son will truly remember is our experiences together.   Time is a very precious gift.  Something all cancer survivors realize from their journey.

I just noticed today my natural breast is now larger than my prosthesis (breast form).  Yay.  (Yes, I am being sarcastic. ha ha.)  You would think I would have realized this sooner.  Anyway, I better get to working off the weight quick.  I really don’t want to go up a size, even though it is time for me to have another fitting.  My husband has new insurance this year, so I guess I need to see if they will pay for some mastectomey supplies too.  It really helps with expenses.

The snow looks pretty this morning, but it is so cold.  Burr!  Our first snow of the winter.  I am thinking I should wait till later in the day to go walking.  I’m not used to the cold yet.

I hope you all are having a great start to the new year.  For those going through treatment, I pray all is going well.  God bless.


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