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Just Me August 24, 2011

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I helped with the children’s ministry at church tonight.   It’s the beginning of the fall session and I will be leading one of the stations when they start in a couple weeks.  I did that a few years ago, but had to drop out because I felt so fatigued from radiation. 

It felt really good to have a few hours to forget about doctors, tests, medical bills, regular bills, and being a breast cancer survivor.  When you have your eyes on a group of kids, you don’t have time to worry about those things.  Plus you get to see those joyous faces.  Kids try to have fun wherever they are.

Now as I write this I am thinking of all you ladies (and guys) who are undergoing treatment right now.  My heart goes out to you as you struggle to get through each day and to reach that last chemo treatment or that last radiation treatment.  You are so strong in spirit and you are my hero.  God bless you all.


2 Responses to “Just Me”

  1. Hey there – it’s been a dog’s age since I heard from you or you wrote on your blog. How are you?

  2. Hi. So nice of you to check on me. I am doing well. I haven’t been on here in a long time. Just got busy with the crazyness of life. Maybe I can get myself organized one day and get back to blogging. I miss my friends on WP. Glad you’re doing okay on the Tamoxifen.

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