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O’ Ye Of Little Faith August 19, 2011

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I made my way to an appointment with Dr. Sunshine with dread.  Some of you may remember my radiation oncologist from a couple of my past posts.  We usually go round and round over something.  I remind myself before I go into the patient room to remain calm and not get my feathers ruffled.  We’ll see.

He does a very quick exam and begins ordering a PET.  I took a stance (so to speak) and told him it was fine as long as my insurance will pay.  Maybe it is the way he thinks he is in control that irks me so bad.  As a patient, we sometimes forget that it is our decision whether we take their advice or not.  Or is it that the doctor forgets that it is the patient’s decision?

He also informs me he is ordering a mammogram.  I already had one this year.  He tells the nurse to get the paperwork ready for the orders and hustles out of the room.  I sat there dumbstruck.  I just argued with him earlier this year over the additional mammogram.  My medical oncologist and my breast surgeon, recommend the once a year mammogram.  Okay, so how will I handle this?  Just not show up for the mammogram?  After they schedule it, call and cancel it?  Or do I confront him yet again?

Round two….fight!  I see him in the hall and tell him I had a mammogram in March.  But I need one every six months he says.  I rebut with the fact that I don’t want to expose myself to so many tests that it creates what I’m trying to avoid.  Then he starts the usual list of… you’re young, pre-menopausal, high risk group and his favorite phrase…aggressive cancer.  He also adds another personal blow (one of these days I will share this part of my BC experience) in hopes of a TKO.  I laugh off his blow and couldn’t stop from saying “you need to have a little faith.”  “I don’t have cancer.  I’m healed.”  There…at least I finally said what I have waiting since 2009 to say.  He’s a Christian, so I don’t feel I overstepped my bounds.  I believe in faith.  What a wonderful doctor he could be if he had assurance himself in healing.   I pray he will begin looking for the good report and not the bad.  And yes, for now, I am scheduled in October for a mammogram.  But I will take the fall, because it is worth it to see God’s works shown in this match.

Psalm 118:17

“I will not die, but live, And tell of the works of the LORD.”


4 Responses to “O’ Ye Of Little Faith”

  1. Amen! Keep your faith. Don’t look to the right or the left. Set your face like flint and stop your ears to the nay-sayers. God will strengthen us when we step up to the plate and live like His Word is true. Just remember that faith is your sheild, and the Word is your weapon. God Bless!

  2. Thanks! It helps to be encouraged by fellow Christians. I still enjoy your blog BTW. Keep the posts coming. 🙂

  3. Although I’m not a typical Christian…I believe in a higher power…I also believe in miracles and that you have healed yourself…if you believe that!

    Sending peace and love,


  4. Thanks Sherry. God has brought me through. I appreciate your encouragement so much. 🙂
    Wishing you the best on your new job adventure. Sounds wonderful! Live the dream for the rest of us. I feel like I get to travel when I look at your photos. Your my internet travel guide. lol

    BTW I have a relative in Colorado so it was so cool to see your pictures from there.

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