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Paradise in Everyday Life July 12, 2011

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One of my friends has allowed me to use some of her gorgeous images from Hawaii.  She just returned from her vacation trip a few days ago.  I don’t think it’s possible to take bad pictures there.  Every scene looks prettier than the next.

I know I’m not in Hawaii, but there’s a little bit of paradise in every negative pathology report.  Got a call today from my gynecologist with the good news.  The tissue she sent off from the D & C on the 5th is all normal!  Hooray!  No uterine cancer.  🙂

I wasn’t having early warning signs, but my doctor said things looked odd and wanted to make sure all okay.  Now I can put that to rest for another year or so, unless there’s anything abnormal.

I was wondering if there is anyone out there who kept their port after chemo?  I still haven’t had mine removed.  One of my friends kept his port.  He recommended it.   I don’t know what to do. 

Part of me says to get that thing out of there so I can rid myself of the cancer patient mentality.  I am finished with treatment except for Tamoxifen, but my brain doesn’t forget how it feels to struggle with the big C.  I need to focus more on my Healing than on the sickness I had.

Another part of me thinks I should keep it.  (And no, I don’t hear voices. ha ha!)  What if  I ever need to go into the hospital and they can’t get a vein?  My veins are not the best in the world.  The nurses had trouble finding good ones to get me through TCH.  I HAD to have a port for the remainder of my Herceptin treatments.

All my contrasts for tests and IV’s for other procedures have gone through the same vein in my good arm (right arm).  So losing the port wouldn’t effect that.

Then there’s the matter of yet another procedure.  UGH!  And someone told me they woke up during their procedure!  EEK!!  Mine would be at the same local hospital and I would have the same surgeon as she.  My mastectomy in 2009 was done by a different surgeon and was at a hospital in a bigger city. 

I know, I know.   I shouldn’t complain.  So many people are going through more difficult circumstances than I am and here I am struggling with a simple outpatient procedure.

I think I will browse more Hawaii pictures and imagine what it would feel like to be there.  I marvel at God’s beautiful creation.


6 Responses to “Paradise in Everyday Life”

  1. Nay Nay Says:

    I love Hawaii. My mom was born and raised there. I was able to go many times to visit my family. Love plumerias and hibiscus. The air smelled of gardenias and salt water.
    So happy for your good news.
    When you were talking about your port it made me think of how “his strength is made perfect through our weakness”. I know that in the story of Jacob, he wrestled with an angel. The angel blessed him with a new name, Israel (prince with God) speaking of a new identity. And he touched him on the sinew of his thigh (which speaks of covenant). That touch also weakened him to have to walk with a cane. The significance of the cane is that is symbolic of Christ. Some of my troublesome times produced a staff in that area of my life because I found God’s help and I leaned. I never want to forget those times of trouble because in them I really found fortitude and strength and I felt uplifted by Him when I could not lift my self.

    • Hi Nay Nay. Glad you stopped by. Sounds like Hawaii will always be near and dear to your heart. I love your description of the smells of the air.

      I agree. His strength gets us through so many times when we can’t lift ourselves. I couldn’t have made it through without Him. Thanks for sharing. God bless!

  2. Nay Nay Says:

    I really appreciate your honesty about your feelings and thoughts. I know sometimes I can be way too deep in my response. I really wanted to say I was blessed by what you wrote. I took something from it. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Nay Nay. I worry sometimes that people don’t want to hear this stuff. It’s so nice to know there is someone out there who enjoys my blog. I didn’t think your response was too deep. I like hearing how others relate to it.. You are free to be honest with your thoughts too, 🙂

  3. I love that flower!!! Yes, let’s concentrate on Healing instead of the illness… easier said than done, BUT WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Glad to know you got your positive results. God bless you my friend… Add me in Facebook if you like, I am Mybreast Messenger there. ❤

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