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In Route to the Mall June 16, 2011

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Everything turned out well at the medical oncologist visit.  Yay!  Blood work good and she didn’t find any signs of lumps.  Dr. H told me to exercise, but was very positive.  I like that about her.  No gloom and doom.  Just simple facts and instructions with a get-out-there-and-enjoy-life attitude.

Next stop was the gynecologist for an annual check up and an ultrasound to look at an ovarian cyst and uterus lining.  Cyst looks normal.  Yay!  The endometrium lining looks a little weird.  I’m on Tamoxifen and it can increase chances of uterine cancer.  So just to be on the safe side, I will be going next month for a D & C.

That was quick and easy.  My sister and I were free to hit mall.  Shopping counts as exercise, right?   It was a great day.  🙂  I’m very blessed.  Thank you Jesus.


2 Responses to “In Route to the Mall”

  1. great to know you’re cleared! ❤ keep the faith and enjoy shopping!

  2. Thanks so much! It was a wonderful day.

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