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Coming in to Focus June 10, 2011

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Most of us hate that “photo session” to get our driver’s license renewed, but last year I disliked it most intensely.  My hair was finally starting to grow (Yay!), but it was still very short.  Oh, well.  You have to undergo the photo to get the license.

As months passed my detest for the bad photo grew.  Constant double takes by cashiers upon seeing my ID was getting old.  I hear, “You look so different!”   Uh, more than you will ever want to know, I wanted to say.

But today was different.  The nice lady behind the pharmacy counter asked how I was doing.  She knew I had breast cancer a few years ago and was legitimately concerned.   Most people don’t want to hear the truth.  Then she complimented me on my shoulder length hair.  This is a nice change from  “You look rested.”  She was happy I was doing well and that my hair had grown back.  You’re not going to believe what happened next.  I voluntarily showed her my driver’s license so she could see how much it had grown.  Me!For the first time I realized that this photo was not a reminder of what I lost, but a testament to what God has given me.  What a blessing!  All I needed to do was change my focus.


2 Responses to “Coming in to Focus”

  1. Isn’t it amazing what our perception can do to our attitude? And Isn’t it amazing how far a little kindness goes!

  2. Very true on both! And I try to teach my son how being kind in our everyday lives can lift others. (Not that I am perfect, but I try to do my best). He even makes comments like, “that was a nice lady!” Hoping I am planting the seed of kindess.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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