An Unexpected Journey


Drained June 2, 2011

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2009 Retro Post #10

The first few days after my surgery the pain is mild, but I am uncomfortable no matter how I lay.  I sleep on the couch with what seems like a thousand pillows…two under my head, one under my arm, one for my legs, etc…  One night I am so exhausted from moving to get comfortable, I take a pain pill to get some rest.

My son and husband (he took a week off work) are so helpful.  They bring things to me so I don’t have to get up so often and help me up when I need to get up from a laying position.  Then I have friends and family that bring me food for days.  And I don’t mean just a pizza or burgers.  We had roast, baked chicken, pork roast, pasta, salads, etc.  It is fabulous!  What a blessing they are!

I hate these drain things.  There are 2 drains and I have to pump and empty them. Yuck!  The first time I did it I thought I was going pass out.  No wonder I never went into nursing.  And the most horrible part is that they will have to come out.

It’s sad to admit, but I am afraid to look under the main bandage.  There are layers to my bandages.  They didn’t say I have to take off the bottom one so I leave it on.  Let’s get use to looking at this flat chest first.

I didn’t realized there would be so much difference in the feeling of my skin near the surgical scars.  Some places are numb and then others are extremely sensitive.  It’s from the nerve endings being cut I guess.  I’m beginning to wish it was all just numb.

Seven days after surgery I’m back to see the surgeon.  Everything is healing nicely.  They take the bandage off and I am in shock at the massive number of staples.   They will come out today too.

I was very nervous about the drains coming out.  I was hoping there would be some type of numbing.  Nope.  She warns me before pulling the first one out.  I left out a gasp or sob like sound because I was unprepared at how it would feel on the inside as it came out.  It was pain mixed with a letting-the-air-out feeling.  It felt like my insides dropped two inches.  I hold my breath for the next one.  It hurt too, but not as bad as the first and the deflating feeling wasn’t there.

Removing the staples was pain-free.  The nurse used a tool on each staple that made them release.  What a relief!

Everyone has different opinions about the drains being removed.  One lady told me it felt strange.  She didn’t mention pain.  So maybe to most it is not a big deal.  The nurse didn’t seem to think it was a big deal either.  So if you are going to have it done in the near future, don’t let me freak you out.  I am just telling my story.  You may not have any problem with it.  Remember…I am not a good patient.


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