An Unexpected Journey


Infused May 24, 2011

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2009 Retro Post #7

The young dark-haired girl who takes my blood pressure and temperature is adorable.  Her long hair is in braids and her olive complexion is flawless.  My blood pressure is what?  But who could blame me for being nervous when I’m getting ready to start chemo.   She smiles at me and speaks in a comforting and upbeat manner as we head to the patient room.

When Doctor H enters I am glad to be experiencing something or someone familiar.  Her tone is confident as she describes my treatment plan.   My chemo treatment is TCH (Taxotere, Carboplatin, Herceptin) and Doctor H lets me know I WILL lose all my hair.  I am to have 4 treatments of TCH with surgery following.  Herceptin will continue for 1 year so I will also need a port.  Again I am receiving information that my brain doesn’t want to accept.

One of my major concerns today is whether I will be nauseated and vomiting during treatment.  Doctor H tells me that I will not be sick with these chemo drugs.  Praise the Lord.   Finally some good news.  I know she is a good doctor, but part of me is wondering if she could be wrong.

The nurse is friendly and shows me to the tiny room with a bed.  I am wondering why there are rooms with beds and areas with chairs only…hmmm.  I receive papers explaining my chemo drugs and their side effects.  My nurse goes through the education part of her job, which helps quiet my nerves some.  However, that change when she comes back to the room to start the IV.   I want to run like a scared rabbit.  As she is inserting the needle I look down to see that I am holding onto her arm for comfort.  How embarrassing!  I apologize profusely, but she isn’t upset.  She probably thought it hilarious.  Wonder if they talked about the crazy girl in room two? ha ha

My relative  and I chat as we wait during the infusion.  The nurse comes in several times to check on me and to turn up the speed of the IV drip.  I’m not feeling sick. Yay!!  A volunteer even comes by to offer a snack and a drink.  People actually eat during this?   This is so much better than I expected.  Yes, I’m going to nibble on some crackers.

I am emotionally exhausted by the time I get home.   During the drive back I worried I might get sick in their car, but never did.  They were probably as thankful as I was.

My relatives are kind enough to invite to me stay with them tonight, just in case I get sick.  I don’t know how I will be able to repay them for their extreme kindness.  It’s a blessing indeed to this panicky girl.

  • Today’s tip:  All chemo drugs are not alike.  Also, all people are not alike.  One person’s experience does not mean it will be yours.
  • When starting new chemo drugs, they usually place you in a bed (at least that is my experience).  After a couple of treatments they can tell how your body reacts to it.  If no severe reactions, then a chair can be used instead.

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