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The Confirmation May 15, 2011

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Retro Post #5 (see 5/10/11 to start at beginning)

We will soon arrive at the breast care center.  I don’t know anything about breast biopsies, except that it sounds painful.  I’m very nervous.

Everyone is so nice at the doctor’s office.  I’m relieved at the calming, comforting look of the patient room.  The doctor and others are great.  And most importantly, the biopsy was NOT painful.   The doctor numbs me well.  Now I head for an MRI.  This is the first time I have EVER had a test run like this.  They use contrast during the MRI, but it wasn’t scary at all.

The bad news is that there are 3 lumps and doctor x is rather sure the biopsy will come back positive.  What will happen?  I feel like I am in a daydream, as she tells me that the breast will have to be removed.  The surgeon tells me I will need chemo before surgery to reduce the size of the lumps.  Is this really happening?  I listen, but am having problems processing the reality of it all.

After the doctors leave,  I can’t help but let some tears fall.  My life has changed forever.  How will I make it through?

When the biopsy results come back, doctor x calls me.  It is positive.  They will run additional  tests to see if it is HER2 Neu positive as well.  I’m at work when I receive the call, but I can’t think of anything except the news I just received.

I’m so thankful for the prayer warriors in my family.  I can feel their prayers interceding for me.  What a wonderful feeling…His presence.  He truly is my rock.

At my request, the prayer team meets to anoint me with oil.  I am blown away, when the first scripture one of them reads, answers a question I had been praying about.  They did not know what I had prayed.  I han’t told anyone, not even my husband.  The anointing was beautiful.  He is mighty to be praised.  I am greatly blessed.


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  1. After recently reading some different blogs, I have seen several people mention that their biopsy was painful. I am so thankful that mine was not and had assumed it was that way for everyone when I wrote this post. I don’t want to mislead anyone and I apologize if I have.
    I think it is so sad that with today’s developments that medical facilities would let this procedure be so painful. My chosen medical facility took samples of the three tumors with the guidance of ultrasound and they made it as pleasant (and painless) as possible for me. This is how all patients should be treated. We are not a piece of meat. Yes, this ticks me off.

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