An Unexpected Journey


Why Do Today, What You Can Put Off Till… May 12, 2011

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Retro Entry #3 (follow my entire journey by starting at 5/10/11)

It’s a new day, so I’m feeling better after my unsettling gynecologist visit yesterday.  My first goal today is to check with my insurance company on the amount of coverage for mammograms.  (Our funds are tight.)  Then I will call the hospital and schedule my mammogram for the soonest appointment to get this over with.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our plans were that easy?  I call the number on the back of my insurance card and prepare for the long wait for assistance.  A male representative answers the phone.  Yep, this is awkward.  He informs me the policy covers a mammogram starting at age 40.  I’m 39.  It will be almost 5 months till I turn 40.  I have to pay the first $250 (if I remember correctly) until then.  What?  This is crazy!  I babbled something to the poor guy.  I don’t even think I knew what I was talking about.

I’m new to this mammogram thing, so I didn’t know to check around for aid or places with free mammograms.  I make the horrible mistake of putting off my mammogram until age 40.  Since my doctor didn’t think anything was wrong, I used it to justify my bad decision.  What will it hurt to wait a few months?  Oh, my…I will soon find out the hard way.


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